Student Devices

In August of each School year all students with a Seton assigned Chromebook will be charged through their family FACTS account $99.  This fee is non-refundable and is NOT covered by STO Scholarships  or Expanded Empowerment  Scholarship Accounts (ESA)  but will be the obligation of the family.
Seton Catholic Preparatory School is an environment dedicated to the development and responsible use of technology. As a part of that continuing dedication, incoming students are required to have a laptop computer before the start of the new school year. 
Note: Please keep in mind that we are phasing out BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for 1 to 1, all new students will receive a laptop. The last year of BYOD will be for the Class 2024. Students from the class of 2024 are able to use their current device, but the school expects them to use a school-issued device IF the student needs to replace their current device in the future. 
Bring Your Own Device (Class of 2024)
Approved Devices for students must adhere to the following minimum specifications for their 
required device:
  • Windows or Chromebook device
  • The screen size must be a minimum of 9 inches measured diagonally
  • The device must be a tablet, laptop or netbook
  • The device must have wireless connectivity.  3G and 4G cellular access is not permitted.
  • The following is recommended for ease of use:
    • A mechanical (not virtual) QWERTY keyboard
    • Vendor-supported or third-party support plan
Non-Approved Devices for Bring Your Own Device - The following devices are not allowed or included in the BYOD Policy:
  • Cell phones
  • Tablets, laptops or netbooks with a screen size of less than 9 inches measured diagonally
  • Nooks, Kindles or other eReaders, Apple iPad
1 to 1 Computer Program (Class of 2025 & Beyond & Transfer Students)
Students are assigned chromebooks through the Seton Instructional Technology department and are responsible for their device throughout their four years at Seton. After being assigned a chromebook, that should be the only computer device used by the student while in the classroom. Students must bring their chromebook to school fully charged. Any damage to the device is the responsibility of the student. 

All software and apps on the device will be installed and managed wirelessly through the Seton Catholic. Students will not be able to install additional apps on their 1 to 1 Device. Additional software will be installed wirelessly as they are recommended and approved by teachers and site administrators.
Devices that are broken or fail to work properly must be taken immediately to their Media Center. If deemed necessary, a replacement may be issued. 
Student files and documents should be saved on Google Docs.  While at school, printing functionality will be available on a limited basis. Teaching strategies individual teachers use in their classrooms will encourage and facilitate digital copies of homework when necessary.
Accidental Damage/Deductible Charges:
1st Occurrence - No charge 
2nd Occurrence - $50
3rd Occurrence - $100
4th and any additional occurrences - $150
Intentional damage will be billed to cover the full cost of any repairs.
Please note that the cost of the insurance increases after each occurrence and families will be responsible for the additional fees.
Costs for lost/damaged item:
Charger - $40
Case - $40
Lost Device - $500