School Year 23-24: The Year of Courage

Mark 10:49-- "Take courage, get up, He is calling you!"
This year we focus on the courage it takes to answer the call of Jesus Christ. We hope to inspire our students, faculty, and staff to follow Jesus more perfectly and to seek Him more persistently. 

Seton Catholic Preparatory instills in its students the charisms, or spiritual gifts, gained from the life of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton: COURAGE, DETERMINATION, FAITH and LOVE. Each school year, we focus on a single charism, integrating it in all we do, from our Sentinel Summit All School Retreat to Christian service and retreats to the classroom across the curriculum. This way, the freshman through senior year Seton Catholic experience explores all of the charisms. These spiritual gifts are what set our students apart and guide them to not only become leaders, but to inspire others.

When an individual embraces these charisms, they will help guide their decisions and actions throughout life. When these four charisms are interwoven with the knowledge gained from a Seton Catholic education, there is no stopping the potential for our graduates in what they can achieve.


The quality of having a “firmness of purpose.” Having determination is being a witness to Christ and following after Him regardless of the difficulty, distraction, discouragement, or resistance that might be encountered.


The “virtue of bravery in facing difficulties, especially in overcoming the fear of consequences in doing good.” One exemplifies moral courage and is a witness to pursuing a Christian moral course, regardless of the possibility of incurring disapproval, contempt or even public shame.


“The assent of the mind to what God has revealed” and living up to what we profess. One who exemplifies faith lives a Catholic sacramental life of prayer and ministry at school, at the parish, and in public.


“The selfless love of another for that person’s own sake.” One who exemplifies love shows a genuine Christ-like love for others. This love is more sacrificial in nature, going beyond simply being nice or pleasant, to instead acting for the well-being of others without regard for self-benefit.

Campus Ministry Contacts

Director of Campus Ministry
Robbie Penate

[email protected]


Christian Service Coordinator

Sandy Gonzales

[email protected]


Liturgy Coordinator

Noah Loungarikis

[email protected]


Retreat Coordinators

David Rees (New Student Retreat and Men's Retreat)

[email protected]


Regan Larish-Hunter

(Women's Retreat and Senior Retreat)

[email protected]



Fr. Ian Wintering
[email protected]


Fr. Ian is on campus Mondays, Tuesdays, & some Fridays