Spiritual Accompaniment

Spiritual Mentoring   

Life can be difficult. Sometimes we just need someone to listen. 


Seton Catholic Campus Ministry in partnership with the Counseling Department is available to provide a caring environment and a spiritual mentor to discuss any of life's challenges: friendships, relationships, struggles at home or with family members, questions about faith and God, stress, loss of a loved one, etc. We always encourage openness and honesty at Seton Catholic and honor the confidentiality of our students, but as employees of the Catholic Church also are bound to mandatory reporting laws.  Seton Catholic faculty and staff have the moral and legal responsibility to report the reasonable belief of abuse, physical injury, or neglect of a minor.

Mass Offerings 

The celebration of the Eucharist is the highest form of worship in the Catholic Church because at Mass we unite ourselves with Christ's sacrifice on the cross in worship of his Father.mas

Every Mass is offered for an intention. For this reason there are several reasons to request specific intentions for each Mass. You may request that a daily Mass at Seton Catholic be said in thanksgiving and gratitude for some blessing from God, for the sick or suffering, for the dead, souls in purgatory, or any person that you know who would benefit from the graces of Mass said for them.  To request a Mass Intention please contact our Chaplain, Fr. Gabriel Terrill ([email protected]).

Prayer Requests

Prayer is powerful and God hears our prayers. If you need prayer in the moment we would be happy to pray with you. If you would like to learn how to pray, we have some great starting points and tips to begin a prayer life. If you simply need someone to pray for you or an intention of yours, please contact anyone in the Campus Ministry Office. 

Vocational Discernment 

High school is an important time for our students to discern a path in life that will be fulfilling. This means further education, career goals, and also how God will call us to a greater holiness in the future. As our students are equipped with the education for future success, Seton Catholic Campus Ministry also wants to provide the tools necessary to help hear God’s call to Holy Matrimony, Consecrated Religious Life, or the Holy Priesthood. Please contact the Campus Ministry Office for questions regarding these beautiful vocations within the life of the Catholic Church.

Campus Ministry Contacts

Director of Campus Ministry
Robbie Penate

[email protected]


Christian Service Coordinator

Sandy Gonzales

[email protected]


Liturgy Coordinator

Noah Loungarikis

[email protected]


Retreat Coordinators

David Rees (New Student Retreat and Men's Retreat)

[email protected]


Regan Larish-Hunter

(Women's Retreat and Senior Retreat)

[email protected]



Fr. Ian Wintering
[email protected]


Fr. Ian is on campus Mondays, Tuesdays, & some Fridays