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Volunteer for Athletic Events

Dear Seton Community,
We pride ourselves on community involvement and we pride ourselves in putting on successful home events for our athletes at every level. To ensure that this happens every time we host an event, we need the help of volunteers. You can sign up to do anything from crowd monitoring to ticket taking, symptom checking to field/gym set-up and take down. Any little bit helps us run our events smoothly and ensures our student-athletes, fans and visitors will have an experience they won't forget. Please sign up to help out today!

Athletics Office Contacts

Gregg Buchanan
Athletic Director
480.963.1900, Ext. 2020


Terry Licht
Assistant Athletic Director
480.963.1900, Ext. 2123 


Kathleen Evans
Admin Assistant - Athletics 


Jennifer Hutchison
Admin Assistant - Athletics
480.963.1900, Ext. 2021