Student Canvas Information

Canvas is a learning management system designed for teachers and students. It is the primary system students will use to access assignment descriptions, due dates, and grade feedback. Students will have access to courses on the first day and until the last day of a term. Canvas is the official grade book of record during the year, but final grades are posted in PowerSchool.


Students do not login the same way as parents due to how we synchronize user accounts. In order for students to login, they must either login to MySeton or access Canvas from within Gmail.

From MySeton:

  1.  Login to MySeton at
  2. Click the Instructure icon in the icon list. Please note that this system uses your Seton Catholic email to log into Canvas.

From Gmail:

  1. Login to your email and click the box of dots in the top right-hand corner, then click "More."
  2. Click the Canvas icon.