Our goal is to prepare every Seton Catholic Prep student for entrance into college. To provide a snapshot of our curriculum and assist in understanding a possible progression of courses, listed below are sample courses students may take during their time at Seton Catholic Prep.

*Indicates 1 semester courses: 

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Theology & Religion I Theology & Religion II Theology & Religion III Theology & Religion IV
English I English II English III English IV
Algebra I Geometry Algebra II College Algebra or Calculus
Biology I Physics Chemistry Science Elective
Foreign Language Foreign Language II US/AZ History Government*
Health* World History Fine Arts* Economics*
Freshman Computing* Elective Physical Education or Business* Social Studies Elective*
Study Skills   Elective Physical Education, Business or Fine Arts*


Click here for Integral Student Outcomes (ISO’s), expected characteristics of Seton Catholic Prep graduates.