Integral Student Outcomes (ISO's)

Graduates of Seton Catholic Preparatory are expected to embody the characteristics embraced by the school and community. These characteristics are:

Spiritually-developed Christians who:

  1. Articulate the teachings of Jesus Christ in both word and deed
  2. Lead and participate in service to one another, the school and the community-at-large
  3. Lead and participate in the communal life of the Church, including liturgy, retreats and daily prayer

Confident individuals who:

  1. Exhibit solidarity according to Catholic teaching by striving for justice, promoting human dignity and embracing diversity
  2. Make a positive difference by being involved
  3. Share talent and expertise with others

Responsible decision makers who:

  1. Set goals and objectives
  2. Identify priorities
  3. Assess options
  4. Change behavior after making a mistake

Academically prepared individuals who:

  1. Are critical thinkers
  2. Apply logical thinking and problem-solving skills to daily life
  3. Read for enlightenment and information
  4. Use technology effectively, efficiently and appropriately
  5. Apply organizational skills
  6. Value further education
  7. Meet the academic standards established by the diocese and fulfill the graduation requirements of Seton Catholic Preparatory

Effective communicators who:

  1. Participate in cooperative groups to accomplish identified goals
  2. Express thoughts clearly both orally and written in all disciplines
  3. Exhibit reading and listening skills
  4. Employ conflict-resolution skills