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Forms & Registration

2020-21 Registration

Pre Participation Guidelines
The AIA up to this point requires an annual sports physical for all of its athletes. Over the past several months due to COVID-19 many families and athletes have not felt comfortable visiting their primary care provider for routine healthcare. While the AIA endorses that primary care offices are taking the necessary precautions to minimize you and your family's risk of being exposed to COVID-19, we also want to respect the choices you make for your families health, while still honoring the AIA commitment to player health and safety. For these reasons, the AIA with the support from the AIA sports medicine advisory committee is adopting the following guidelines for the 2020-21 school year. 
1. The 2019-20 sports physical shall be accepted for the 2020-21 school year if the following criteria are met over the time period since the athlete s 2019-20 sports physical.
     a. Athlete has a 2019-20 AIA sports physical on file with the school he/she is attending for 2020-21.
     b. Athlete did not have any new injury or illness requiring outside medical evaluation or if injury did occur, was released for full athletic participation by a medical professional.
     c. Athlete did not have a concussion.
     d. Athlete did not receive a new medical diagnosis. 
     e. Athlete has not had COVID-19. 
2.  Athlete must see his/her primary care provider and have an updated sports physical for 2020-21 if any of the above criteria are not met. 
3.  If athlete does not have a 2019-20 sports physical form on file at the school he/she is attending for the 2020-21school year, the athlete will also need to complete a 2020-21 sports physical.
4.  2020-21 Health History (15.7-A, page 3 ) is to be completed and signed by student and parent/guardian.     
**NEW** Online registration through Family ID
This year, Seton athletics will be accepting registrations ONLY through a new online platform called Family ID.
Link to register: 
To complete the registration, fill out the form fields while also uploading these four documents to the registration form:
          -Transportation Notarization Form (With Notary Stamp)
          -Physical Evaluation Form 15.7 A (With Doctor Signature)
          -Physical Evaluation Form 15.7 B (With Doctor Signature)
          -Opioid and Brainbook training certificates through AIA
Links to these four documents/trainings can be found at the start of the registration packet on Family ID. Once completed the athletic department staff will review your completed registration and give you an approved status or next steps on how to finish registration. For any questions, please contact Terry Licht, Assistant Athletic Director, at

Due Dates for Athletic Registration 2020-21

  • August 17 - Spiritline, Boys Golf, Girls Golf
  • August 24 - Swim & Dive, Cross Country
  • August 31 - Girls Volleyball
  • September 7 - Football
  • October 21 - Winter Sports:  Wrestling, Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball
  • March 1 - Spring Sports: Softball, Baseball, Boys Volleyball, Girls Tennis, Boys Tennis, Track & Field, Beach Volleyball
  • Required 2020-21 forms will be available soon on Family ID.  You will be able to download copies of all forms through Family ID; please contact Family ID with any questions.
  • Families are required to create a FACTS account: To set up your FACTS account to pay all athletic fees, click here
  • Participation fee ($225 per sport) will be posted to your active FACTS account the day after forms are due. No cash or check payments are accepted. Credit card payments may be made through the front office; a copy of that payment is required to be turned in to the Athletic Office in order to avoid being posted to FACTS.
  • Clearance will be given as soon as information is complete.

Student/athlete must take online concussion education course at Brainbook and print certificate of completion. 

The following documents must be read:

Athletics Office Contacts

Gregg Buchanan
Athletic Director
480.963.1900, Ext. 2020


Terry Licht
Assistant Athletic Director
480.963.1900, Ext. 2123 


Kathleen Evans
Admin Assistant - Athletics 


Jennifer Hutchison
Admin Assistant - Athletics
480.963.1900, Ext. 2021 

Notary Services

Times are subject to change, depending on School & Admissions Calendars

Mrs. Sweador in Admissions:
Please contact Mrs. Sweador

Mrs. Evans in Athletics:
Not currently available.