We look forward to assisting you with your ESA Contract. Please use the dedicated email address for Seton ESA: [email protected]
  1. Please submit a copy of the fully executed Empowerment Scholarship contract from the AZ Department of Education for your student - this must have both your signature as well as that of the AZ Department of Education and it must clearly show the date the contract was executed (PDF please, no partial screenshots can be accepted)
  2. Please complete the Tuition Worksheet along with supporting documentation for anticipated payments and credits. Log into your FACTS account to retrieve this information.
  3. Please make a statement in your email what quarter your ESA Funding begins
  4. Please send verification that you have completed the setup of your class wallet account
  5. Once these items are received and processed we can make adjustments to your FACTS account and send an invoice to collect your funding through class wallet
  6. You will receive written confirmation once the school has verified your Tuition Worksheet. This process may take up to 15 to 20 business days and may require additional supporting documents. The school will place all FACTS payments on hold once the Tuition Worksheet and Supporting Documents are received. 

NOTE: Inaccuracies will change the amount due and the payment amount. If the information you have provided is incorrect, you will be responsible for the unpaid tuition balance if an adjustment is needed.  Seton will apply ESA Funding to tuition first until the balance is paid in full, before allocating these funds to activity fees, summer school or possible refunds.    
Helpline for your FACTS account questions: 866.441.4637
Please continue to send your questions to [email protected].