Statement of Tuition and Fees


Statement of Tuition and Fees for 2024-2025

Families who are registered, active, and participating members of a parish of the Diocese of Phoenix, are eligible for the reduced Catholic rate of $14,380.00. The reduced tuition rate is not retroactive. Criteria used in determining active and participating members may vary by Parish. Those families not registered, active, and participating members of a Parish will be required to pay the full tuition rate of $19,150.00 for each student enrolled in the school.  
The non-refundable Registration Fee (per student) is $500. Families that commit by the early registration date will receive a discount on the registration fee of $50. We commit our resources to your student for the year when you register your student.  Therefore, you will be responsible for any tuition or other fees that are due if you decide to withdraw your student during the school year.
All tuition payments must be made through FACTS Tuition Management. Seton requires a functioning financial account (credit card or checking account) in all FACTS Accounts to collect Fees and Tuition on a timely basis. Helpline for your FACTS account questions: 866.441.4637
Ten Monthly Payments
  • Ten Monthly payments: July 2024 through April 2025
  • Full Rate           $1,915.00 per month for ten months
  • Reduced rate    $1,438.00 per month for ten months
  • Two payments:  July 2024 and December 2024
  • Full Rate            $9,575.00 semi-annual
  • Reduced Rate    $7,190.00 semi-annual
Full Payment
  • One payment in July 2024
  • Full Rate             $19,150.00 per student
  • Reduced Rate    $14,380.00 per student
No student will be permitted to take semester examinations, enroll in Summer School classes,  receive report cards, transcripts or register for the following semester until all financial obligations have been met.
Tuition Agreement 2024-2025