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Physical Education

  • 1 credit of physical education is required for graduation for the class of 2014.
  • .5 credit of physical education is required for graduation for the classes of 2015 and beyond.
  • In addition, .5 credit of health is required for graduation and is generally taken during the freshman year.


Body Sculpting I 
(10 – 12) (.5 credit; girls only) 
Body Sculpting is a class designed to educate students on the benefits of healthy living through a plethora of exercise formats. The workouts are designed to demonstrate how fitness can be fun, and includes formats that are popular and in tune with the latest research. The class will focus on strength training using hand weights or body weight, cardio conditioning, movements inspired from Yoga and Pilates, interval circuit training. The course will additionally have weekly emphasis on nutrition and health during block days. Body Sculpting is a class that can be repeated for credit.

Fitness for Life
(10, 11, 12) (.5 credit)
This class will help students to enjoy basic physical activity with the goal of developing a healthy lifestyle. Activities will include stationary and regular bike riding, walking, weight training, badminton, pickleball and sand volleyball. Block day activities may include trips to a local golf course, tennis court, bowling alley or rock climbing studio. This class may be repeated for credit.  

(9) (.5 credit — required) 
One semester course required for all freshman and sophomore transfer students to Seton Catholic Preparatory. Health education develops skills that enable students to recognize, obtain, and interpret health information helping them to take responsibility for achieving and maintaining physical, mental, emotional, and social health throughout their lives.

Physical Education 
(10, 11, 12) (.5 credit; this course may be repeated) 
A one semester course which may include the following activities: soccer, basketball, flag football, floor hockey, badminton, ultimate frisbee, whiffle ball, dodgeball, kick ball, fist ball, yoga, intro to weight training, and antigravity training methods. Proper training techniques, sports rules, fundamentals, sportsmanship, cardio and muscular fitness, resistance training, and healthy living tips will also be integrated into the classes. Students will assess their fitness through weekly exercise routines that will include pull-ups, pacer test, shuttle runs, modified sit-ups, pushups, jumping rope, and the mile run. A student fitness assessment test (SFA) will be given at the end of the semester for each student. Upon completion of this course the student will have a greater appreciation of the importance of physical fitness and how it coexists with the spiritual and academic aspects of their lives.

Sports Medicine 
(11-12) (.5 credit; this course may not be repeated)
Students in the first year of sports medicine receive Red Cross CPR certification and receive instruction in first aid, emergency care of injuries, open wound care, prevention of disease transmission, and taping and wrapping techniques. They also study techniques for minimizing and preventing sports' injuries through learning the concepts and laws related to sports' injuries. Proper nutrition and hydration are also covered. The class will be broken up into classroom time and field experience/practicum time. It is a working class and it will require after school time spent working with the athletic teams at Seton.

Advanced Strength and Conditioning (formerly Advanced Weight Training)
(10-12 co-ed) (.5 credit; this course may be repeated) 
Prerequisite: Strength and Conditioning, or approval of instructor
This course is designed for the student who has a weight training and fitness background. Specific individualized instruction will allow each student the opportunity to improve their flexibility, muscular strength, speed and elevate their overall fitness and athletic ability. This class will train at a high level of intensity with the goal of taking the individual or athlete to the next level of their training goal.

Zero Hour Strength and Conditioning (formerly Zero-hour weights) 
(9-12 co-ed) (.5 credit, this course may be repeated)
Prerequisite: Participation in a Seton-sponsored athletic team, or approval of instructor. Fall semester is reserved for students in 9th grade. Spring semester is open to students in grades 9 – 12.
This course will give the student an introduction to fitness through multi-segmental weight training. Emphasis is placed on safety and education of proper warm-up, stretching, lifting techniques, spotting, developing personal programs, and concentration on core and body stabilization. The utilization of multiple weight training modalities gives each student the opportunity to enhance performance potential. This class will give each student a solid foundation in weight training and an incentive to maintain lifetime fitness goals.