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Business & Technology

  • Incoming freshmen will be required to take the Freshman Computing class for .5 general studies credit.
  • In addition, a .5 credit of a business/technology elective is required for graduation.

Internet and Web Design
(11, 12) (.5 credit)
This course is designed to provide students with an advanced understanding of the Internet and its functions as a form of communication, research, educational tool, and e-commerce. Students learn web development and design web pages using HTML code and Dreamweaver.

Spreadsheet and Database Projects
(10 – 12) (.5 credit)
This course follows the Microsoft Office course. It is designed for the college bound student with emphasis on theoretical design, creation, problem solving, integration, presentation and evaluation of challenging projects using Excel and Access. The students gather and manipulate data for the development of lessons dealing with personal, business and scientific topics.

Freshman Computing
(9) (.5 credit — required)
This course examines a variety of technology and computing processes and issues that affect all Seton students. In this course, students will learn to operate the MS Office suite which is the standard platform for all assignments at Seton. In addition, students will investigate issues related to their use of technology including research, security and ethics.

Personal Finance and Management
(11 – 12) (.5 credit)
This is a one semester class that introduces the student to financial decisions and activities of an individual. This course includes topics of ethics, budgeting (to include charitable giving), credit, insurance, savings, investing, debt servicing, consumer loans, and taxes. In addition, the student will apply the principles of financial planning which involves analyzing their current financial position and predicting their short – term and long – term needs. The Student will incorporate their knowledge of MS Office, the internet, and email to research financial topics. Also, the student will create, implement, and maintain personal financial documents.