New Absence Reporting System

Reporting Attendance for Parents
Seton Catholic IT is proud to announce a new Attendance Monitoring system to replace the email system for reporting student absences. You will no longer send an email when reporting a student absences, you will now report your student(s) absences from the ease of your Seton Catholic Powerschool Portal. The process is fairly simple and easier than an email. Please take a few minutes to follow these directions and if you encounter any issues please contact IT at [email protected]
Step 1.) Log into the Powerschool Portal and choose your student.
Step 2.) Select the Attendance Monitor tool and enter the absence into the System
  • Click the “Attendance Monitor” link from the left navigation menu (It should be towards the bottom).
  • Then Click the “Report New Attendance” button.
Step 3.) From here you will enter all relevant absence information and submit.
  • Enter the Absence Date (leaving the second date blank to report for today only)  
  • Select from the “What is the reason for the absence drop-down” to give a reason for the absence. 
  • Select “Yes” or “No” in the Is this absence for the whole day drop-down, if “No” is selected you will be prompted to enter the Time Range 
  • Then enter an explanation in the Explanation text box
  • Finally click “Submit” at the bottom to commit the absence. NOTE: Reporting attendance for previous dates is not allowed.
Once complete the attendance record will be tied to the student account you have selected. If you have multiple children and need to report them both absent please be sure to select your student from the student link bar at the top of the page and submit again