Parent Powerschool Access

Powerschool Student Information System (SIS) is a tool used to help drive your students success. Using this tool you and your student will have access to vital information throughout the year. Access to historical grades, cumulative data, attendance and disciplinary notices. You will recieve an email from Seton Catholic IT regarding access and how to setup and account.

Parents Will Create a PowerSchool Account

1. Open the internet browser on your computer.

2. Go to:  A direct link to PowerSchool will also be available on the front page of our website.  

3. Create a parent account the first time you visit PowerSchool. You only do this once.  Click the Create Account tab above the username box.

4. Fill out the requested fields. Once you arrive at the “Link Students to Account,” enter the student name, Access ID and Access Password. Your student’s Access ID and Access Password will be found in the email sent to you by Seton Catholic IT, if you have not recieved your students Access ID and Access Password please email [email protected]  If you have multiple children, fill in these fields for each student. You may enter up to seven children on this page. 

You and your student have separate passwords. It is advisable that you keep your username and password secure and do not share it with anyone.


Adding a new student to an existing Powerschool account 
1.) Log into your Powerschool account
2.) Click "Account Preferences"
3.) Click the "Students" Tab
4.) Click "Add" Button
5.) Enter Students Full Name, AccessID and Password (Recieved by email) and your relationship to student
6.) Click "OK"
If you have any issues please email [email protected]

Navigating the PowerSchool Portal

Student Information This will display your student's name, locker information, initial login information, access ID and access password.  

Grade History This will allow you to check student attendance and historical grades from previous semesters. Click the year tab in order to view the historical grades. 

Attendance History This will show current term attendance information for the entire current semester.

Cumulative Information This will show unweighted GPA percent, weighted percent, honor roll calculation.  

School Bulletin This has current announcements and lunch menus for our school.

Class Registration This will be active only during the enrollment period for the new school year. Students will have the ability to select their schedules. Parents will have the ability to review the schedules.  

My Schedule This will show the student's current schedule with class times. You also have the option to view the matrix view of courses for both terms. 

School Information This will show the school's address, phone, fax and map.  

Account Preferences This page is for parents only. It will display the option to change your name, username and/or password.  Parents may also add students to their account by clicking on the student tab.  

Graduation Progress This page will show the bar chart displaying student's progress toward graduation. It will show the student's graduation plan highlighted in dark green and the earn credits in each subject group. It will show in light green credits students are currently earning. If a bar is check marked, it means the student has earned full credit for that subject group in their plan.  

Discipline Log This page will show any disciplinary logs.

Help Desk This page will display our IT Information, including contact, hours and important links.  

Log Volunteer Form This page allows parents to submit volunteer hours.

Canvas LMS This is a link to the Canvas portal.

SchoolMessenger This displays important announcements that have been created through PowerSchool. This is a view-only page.

Anonymous Email Hotline This page allows parents or students to anonymously report concerns such as safety issues, bullying issues or general concerns. Please be as detailed as possible when making this report.  

Food Service This page will give parents current balance information from the student's Wordware account.  Set limits to purchases and view transactions here.   


If you have any questions regarding the use of PowerSchool, email [email protected]