Student Parking Permit

If you would like to park a car on campus, please complete the Parking Agreement Form.
2022-2023 Parking Permit Agreement

Parking on campus is a privilege and should be taken seriously. When driving a vehicle on campus the following rules must be followed:

● Students must have a signed parking agreement filed in the Office of the Dean of Students and Campus Security and must have a visible/valid parking sticker in the lower left hand corner of the windshield when parking on campus.

● Parking is at a student’s own risk. Seton Catholic Preparatory assumes no responsibility for any damage to your vehicle while on school property or for any lost or stolen items from the vehicle.

● Students must park in their designated spot at all times. If someone parked in a student’s spot, they must see campus security to be directed to an alternative parking location. DO NOT park in another student’s assigned parking space.

● Students must make themselves familiar with the campus traffic pattern map, follow the direction of campus security and school personnel directing traffic and adhere to traffic safety cones located throughout the school campus. Moving traffic safety cones to access closed driveways will result in disciplinary action up to loss of driving privileges on campus.

● Students may not park in staff, visitor, or reserved spaces or in any designated fire lane.

● The campus speed limit is 10 mph and may be radar enforced. Students must abide by the safe driving rules on campus at all times.

● The north driveway is for incoming traffic ONLY; the Middle Exit Driveway is for North & Southbound turns onto Dobson Rd. The far South Exit Drive is for Southbound turns onto Dobson Rd. ONLY. The south side (baseball field side) of the gym is one-way for west bound traffic only at all times.

● Reckless or inappropriate driving on campus is strictly prohibited. Examples of such behavior include but not limited to the squealing of tires, revving of the engine, racing, allowing students to ride in the bed of a truck or anywhere on a vehicle other than in a vehicle seat, etc. Excessively loud music on school property is NOT permitted.

● Students, by virtue of having the privilege of parking a motor vehicle on school property, are deemed to have given prior consent for a search of any motor vehicle that has been brought by the student or his/her companions onto school premises. Vehicles may be searched if, in the opinion of the administration, suspicion of a school violation exists. Upon request by the principal, dean or administrative personnel, the student or driver will immediately relinquish the keys to the motor vehicle subject to the search, and will remain with administrative personnel until released by the appropriate school official.

● Any driving incident occurring on campus resulting in injury or involving damage to school property, your vehicle, or another vehicle, must be reported to campus security or the front office immediately. Leaving the scene or failing to report the incident will result in the loss of your assigned parking privileges on campus.

● Students may NOT go to their cars or other vehicles during the school day without a pass from campus security, school administrator or the front office.