Library & Textbooks

What are the library hours?
The library is available during school hours for study and research. Out of consideration of others, it is expected that a spirit of quiet will prevail. The Librarian will be available for assistance and consultation, as well as for class orientation.

Can I check out library materials?
Yes, of course! Check your Seton email for due date notices. It is the student's responsibility to return all books on time or pay the corresponding fine(s).

Books: Most books can be checked out for 3 weeks. Renewals are allowed provided there is no waiting list. Late fees are 20 cents per school day per book.
Reference Books: Reference books may be checked out for one night but must be returned before school the next morning. Late fees are $1.00 per school day per book.
Magazines/Journals/Periodicals: Current issues may be checked out with teacher permission.
Audio-Visual Materials: These are available for checkout by only teachers and staff, unless the material is assigned by a teacher.

What are the rules in the library?

  • NO food or drinks unless there is an approved club meeting.
  • NO gum at any time.
  • Please be considerate of others studying.
  • School computers are to be used for school work only. Please perform any online personal work at home. Thank you!


How can I make a copy?
The copier in the lobby can make copies and/or email copies; these options are covered by the student's print account.

What do you have in the library?
The Seton library owns over 6,000 print materials that support our curriculum. We also have access to over 20 databases with 4,000+ journals via Chandler Public Library and many ebooks (electronic books) and databases uniquely purchased for Seton’s curriculum. The Library does not sell or provide the required classroom textbooks or e-textbooks.

Students: Please visit the Seton Catholic Preparatory Library catalog and resource pages:

From Canvas: Open any course and select the "SCP Library" option in the left column.

From Gmail/Google apps: Select the 9-square app icon box (top left) and scroll down to the Follett Library app. 

Do you sell supplies?
Yes! We sell school supplies such as pencils, pens, notebooks, index cards, and more!

What do librarians do all day?
Aside from being available to assist students in finding materials and accessing online information, librarians work with teachers in preparing students for research techniques, resources, and projects in preparation for college.

What is the mission of the Seton Library?
It is the mission of the School Librarian to:

  • collaborate with all faculty to empower students to fully engage in our global, digital world;
  • provide all learners a place for both a physical and a virtual learning environment;
  • help students form the habit of reading and learning for a lifetime.


Who is the patron saint of libraries?
St. Jerome

Library Contacts

Michelle Nowak, MLIS, MAED
480.963.1900, Ext. 2028

Karen Hill
Librarian Assistant
480.963.1900, Ext. 2349