The First Step to Financial Assistance & Affordability

The FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT STEP is to complete the FAIRAPP by April 15th 2024. Seton has chosen Financial Aid Independent Review, Inc. (FAIR) to process your financial aid application. FAIR provides objective, comprehensive and impartial processing of your financial aid application. 
Completing this application is required if:

2024/2025 Tuition rates for Seton Catholic Preparatory
Families who are registered, active, and participating members of a parish of the Diocese of Phoenix, are eligible for the reduced Catholic rate of $14,380.00. The reduced rate will become effective when verification is received at Seton Catholic Preparatory from your Pastor. The reduced tuition rate is not retroactive. Criteria used in determining active and participating members may vary by Parish. Those families not registered, active, and participating members of a Parish will be required to pay the full tuition rate of $19,150.00 for each student enrolled in the school.

The FAIRApp & Catholic Education Arizona (CEA)

There are a number of ways to afford an education at Seton Catholic Preparatory. Catholic Education Arizona (CEA) is the best place to start. To apply for a scholarship through this organization, complete the online form by April 15th for the following school year.


Note: Applicants must be registered students at Seton Catholic Prep or must have begun the application process to Seton. The FAIR App is the first CRITICAL step in opening the door to financial aid to make a Catholic Education affordable. Families who would like to be considered for financial assistance from Seton Catholic MUST complete the application before April 15:

  • School code is 700
  • Password is cea700
  • Once you enter the online application the Seton School Code is 703

Seton's CEA Annual Scholarship Award Policy

The Seton Finance Office has been fielding questions from families regarding the CEA Annual Award and how it affects your tuition balance due and FACTS Account. CEA Awards are Annual Awards to families that successfully complete the FAIRAPP through Catholic Education of Arizona (CEA) by the round 1 deadline (April 15) or round 2 deadline (August 25). When awards are made from CEA they are communicated to families and Seton as the "TOTAL ANNUAL AWARD".  CEA however pays the schools on a quarterly basis. Financial accounting relies on certain accounting best practices and standards called "Generally Accepted Accounting Principles" (GAAP).  For this reason, Seton has modified the procedures in recognizing and posting the CEA Scholarship Awards.
Families who are blessed with a CEA Scholarship will have their FACTS account adjusted to show one deferred payment in May 2025 for the total amount awarded.  This payment is placed on hold and is not part of the family obligation for tuition payments.  Each Quarter (July, October, January and April) Seton will apply payments received from CEA to reduce that May 2025 payment to zero.

Seton Scholarships

Applicants may also apply for specific scholarships available to Seton Catholic students. To be considered for these scholarships, please print and submit the Seton Scholarship Application. You will also need a letter of recommendation from someone who knows your family and your children. To make it easier for the person writing the letter, give them at least 2 weeks prior to the scholarship deadline and provide a recommended outline of the letter.  Applications will only be accepted if submitted in whole. Please do not send requirements in separately.