Textbook Information

Buy Textbooks

Students are expected to bring their required textbooks on the first day of school. Click here for complete instructions on finding the textbook list for your student and/or ordering from EdTech Solutions. EdTech Solutions, the only Seton-approved vendor, offers new, used, and electronic textbooks at competitive prices! Families can reach EdTech at (855) EdTech5 or [email protected].

Beginning in late May, find required summer school textbooks from the EdTech bookstore. 

Beginning in July, find required textbooks from the EdTech bookstore for the upcoming school year! This list is not available until summer because we need time to verify available textbook quantities and editions with publishers. When purchasing new or used textbooks online, you can generally find the lowest prices in July when schools across the country have completed their academic year and the supply is highest.

Click here to learn details about purchasing textbooks from other vendors/locations using information from the EdTech textbook list or shopping from our Seton families' OnlineBook Exchange (see below). Please note that EdTech is the only Seton-approved vendor; buying from other vendors or families is done at your own risk. 

Here is our 2023-24 textbook list. 

Sell Used Textbooks

Click here to sell back your used textbooks in May after final exams, Seton’s OnlineBook Exchange, or other vendors. 

Access Seton’s OnlineBook Exchange for families to buy and sell used textbooks throughout the summer and school year. Sellers post information and a desired price for a textbook; buyers contact and negotiate directly with the seller to purchase textbooks. When selling used textbooks to Seton families, please verify from our discontinued textbook list that the textbook will be used.