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Transcript Information

Transcripts for current Seton students

Transcripts are submitted electronically to colleges via Naviance, our college software program. Electronic transcripts are requested through Family Connection/Naviance as follows:

Requesting transcripts through Family Connection

  • At the beginning of the school year, complete and submit the Transcript Release Authorization.
  • Select the Colleges tab in Family Connection.
  • Click the Transcripts link, listed in the Resources section of the tab.
  • Click Request Transcripts for the type of transcript you are requesting.
  • Enter the necessary information. This will differ based on the destination of the transcript.
  • Click Request Transcripts.
  • Submit the transcript fee to the front office in an envelope labeled with “Transcripts” and the student’s name.


Requests for official transcripts for other purposes (e.g., scholarship requests) must be submitted to the Registrar in writing. (See the Sample Transcript Request Form.)

An official transcript has the school seal imprint on it with the Registrar’s signature. An unofficial transcript has neither the seal nor the signature. We do not ordinarily fax or email transcripts, but if one must be faxed or emailed it will be unofficial. Transcripts report grades and credit earned at the semester (quarter grades are not reported), and un-weighted cumulative percentage averages. Neither disciplinary nor attendance records are part of the student’s transcript. Students are responsible for sending their ACT and SAT scores to the prospective colleges/universities and the NCAA Eligibility Center.

For some universities and the NCAA Eligibility Center, students who transferred to Seton during high school will need to request official copies of their previous high school transcript and have those directly sent to college/universities. New transfer students should also request a Seton transcript that will verify their Seton enrollment status for college admissions offices.

Who can request transcripts?
Students or their parent/guardian may request in writing that an official transcript be sent to another institution. Graduates under the age of 18 or their parent/guardian may also request the sending of official transcripts. Once graduates reach the age of 18, only they can authorize in writing the release of transcripts. The parents/guardians of a current student, no matter the student’s age, can authorize the release of transcripts. These same restrictions also apply to the unofficial transcripts.

Transcripts for alumni

Seton alumni requesting a copy of their transcript need to fill out the Transcript Request Form for Alumni.

Transcript fees
The first official transcript is free; thereafter each one will cost $2.00 and should be paid at the time the transcript is requested. Payment is to be made by cash or check, payable to Seton Catholic Preparatory with “transcripts” in the memo line. Current students may place payment in an envelope labeled “Transcript Fees” and the student’s name and turn it in at the front office. Checks may be mailed to Attn: Registrar, Seton Catholic Preparatory, 1150 N. Dobson Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224.

Note: Transcript requests that are submitted during the December break will NOT be processed until school resumes in January.