Christian Service Hours

Christian Service

The goal of Seton Catholic Preparatory’s service program is for students to recognize and demonstrate that serving others is central to our call as Catholic Christians. This Gospel-rooted service is essential to every student’s experience at Seton Catholic. The service requirements are different for each grade level and are detailed in the Service Contract and Service Requirements form. Students receive this information at the beginning of each school year. Parents are encouraged to check updated information, available year-round on Canvas.


Service as a Graduation Requirement

Students at all grade levels are held accountable for performing Gospel-rooted service by a pass/fail grade. All hours must be submitted in* Any freshman, sophomore or junior that fails to fulfill the service requirement for that school year will be required to perform their service over the summer before they are allowed to attend classes for the new school year. Any senior that fails to fulfill the senior service requirements will not be eligible for graduation. All service requirements must be fulfilled in order for a student to participate in any graduation events and receive their diploma.


Service Contract Proposal

For service to count towards the Christian Service grade, it must first be approved. Appropriate service includes that performed at non-profits with 501(c)(3) status, a place of worship, schools, coaching youth, and other similar opportunities. Student must submit through Canvas their Personal Project Proposal as an assignment in the Ministry Course by mid-September. Students must use this form to request their service be approved for the 2021-2022 school year.


Service Coordinator

Our Service Coordinator is our Assistant Campus Minister, Ann Hansen.  Please contact her at [email protected] or 480-963-1900 x2356 with any and all questions regarding Christian Service at Seton Catholic.


Freshman - 20 hours

  1. Personal Project (10 hours) (explained below)
  2. PASS House Project (5 hours)
  3. Unified Field Day (5 hours)

Sophomores- 35 hours

  1. Personal project (25 hours) (explained below)
  2. PASS House Project (5 hours)
  3. Unified Field Day (5 hours)

Juniors - 35 hours

  1. Personal project (25 hours) (explained below)
  2. PASS House Project (5 hours)
  3. Unified Field Day (5 hours)

Seniors - 25 hours

  1. Personal Project (15 hours) (explained below)
  2. PASS House Project (5 hours)
  3. Unified Field Day (5 hours)
  4. At the second semester, Seniors will present their service project completion to their house companions, leadership, and teachers. Details and rubric will be provided to students.

Unified Field Day Guidelines:  

All students receive 5 hours of service for hosting students with special needs from surrounding public and private special education programs on Friday of Catholic Schools Week. If a student is absent on Unified Field Day, they are required to make up these hours through their personal project. Hours will be logged in x2VOL by Campus Ministry after attendance is verified, student does not need to log them.


PASS House Project Guidelines:

Students will join together with their House to serve a local Catholic Charity through a Miracle Project.  This House Project will include prayer, teaching, personal reflection, and service.  4 hours will be earned during House Meetings, and 1 hour will be earned outside of House Meetings.  Students will log their own hours in x2Vol in their 'PASS House Project' goal and House Leaders will serve as verifiers.  If a student is absent for any PASS House Meetings, they will need to coordinate making up that time on their House Project with their House Leaders, or they will be required to make up the time through their Personal Project.


Personal Project Guidelines:

Students must research where they would like to complete their service project each year. Student must submit through Canvas their Personal Project Proposal as an assignment in the Ministry Course by mid-September. Personal projects must be pre-approved by Campus Ministry. Locations include approved non-profit organizations or parishes. Once hours are complete, they must be logged into x2VOL under their 'Personal Project' goal.

  • Students may serve no more than 5 of their personal project hours through service done on Seton's campus (house leadership, ambassadors, tutoring, club and athletic service and other areas around Seton).  *The one exception are Seton Summer Camps that serve our greater community.


*X2VOL – Service Hour tracker:

We use an online tracking and reporting system for all Service hours called x2VOL.  This system will allow your student to enter their Service hours online at any time, as well as check for any volunteer opportunities and sign up for them, receive reminders about the opportunities and print a service hour log that can be used for college applications.

  1. Follow these instructions to register for the first time to begin logging your service hours.
  2. Go to and click JOIN.
  4. Search for Seton using our CEEB code #030047
  5. Type in your Last Name and School Email
  6. Enter the remaining profile fields and click proceed to complete your registration.

For help, please watch this tutorial.

For help on how to log in hours, please watch this tutorial.


KBI Immersion Trip

Seton campus ministry accompanies interested students to the southern Arizona-Mexico border to experience the Kino Border Initiative twice a year. The KBI Immersion Trip promotes US/Mexico border and immigration policies that affirm the dignity of the human person and a spirit of bi-national solidarity through direct humanitarian assistance and accompaniment with migrants, social and pastoral education with communities on both sides of the border, participation in collaborative networks that engage in research, and advocacy to transform local, regional, and national immigration policies.  Please see the KBI website for more information.


The immersion opportunities offered this school year:



Please contact Miss Amanda Bell [email protected] if you are interested in participating in this immersion program.

Campus Ministry Contacts

Amanda Bell
Campus Minister
480.963.1900, Ext. 2035
[email protected]


Ann Hansen
Assistant Campus Minister

Christian Service Coordinator
480.963.1900, Ext. 2356

[email protected]

Mrs. Hansen is on campus on Tuesdays


Fr. Gabriel Terrill
480.963.1900, Ext. 6217

[email protected]

Fr. Gabriel is on campus Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Fridays