Meet Miss Chiu

Miss Chiu has been teaching at Seton Catholic Preparatory since 2012 and she is currently teaching Chinese Mandarin Classes. Miss Chiu established Chinese Mandarin Club and Asian Culture Club for students to gain global friendships and cultural awareness, diversity and understanding. Miss Chiu also helped establish international sister schools and exchanges for students. Prior to teaching at Seton Catholic, she assisted in the curriculum process for Arizona State University Talented for Youth Program and helped set up Chinese Mandarin Classes for Montessori preschools. Miss Chiu attended Arizona State University and earned a Journalism degree. Miss Chiu enjoys coordinating and volunteering her time at the Award Winning Taipei Chinese Culture Summer Camp, providing complimentary cultural outreaches to younger generations, and taking students overseas to achieve hands-on experience in Taipei. Miss Chiu is the Chairwoman of City of Phoenix Phoenix Taipei Sister Cities, which has 40 years strong and long lasting sister cities relationship between Phoenix and Taipei. Miss Chiu organizes and supports many global exchanges, events and exhibitions for both Phoenix and Taipei cities to allow younger generations to become young leaders, to build international views and to gain the global perspectives of the world.
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