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Choosing a College

You have a choice of many different types of colleges to consider:

Four-Year Colleges and Universities have students enrolled for four years who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in their major. A four-year college also features a vast variety of courses and gives students time to explore and develop skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

Community or Junior Colleges usually grant students associate’s degrees or certificates in two years of schooling. Tuition is much less expensive than four-year colleges, and the course schedules are more flexible for working students. Junior college credits can usually be transferred to four-year colleges.

Service Academies (such as the Army, Navy, Air Force, Merchant Marines and Coast Guard,) have fierce competition for admission with both physical and academic requirements needed to attend. Although students receive a full scholarship upon admission, service time is required after graduation, usually five years.

Vocational, Technical and Career Schools have students enroll in courses for one or two years to learn special skills for a specific career. Tuition is less expensive, and these schools offer degree programs that universities may not.

Online Schools continue to grow. Before dedicating yourself to an online institution to obtain a post- secondary degree, do your homework and make sure the school is accredited and has structure.