Academic Resources (ARC)

Mindful of the belief that all human beings are made in the image of Christ, we seek to foster spirituality and inclusion among all members of our student body. We are proud to offer a tiered approach designed to provide a supportive and inclusive education here at Seton Catholic Preparatory.
The ARC provides academic resources to students with mild to moderate learning disabilities, other health impairments, and executive functioning deficits who would benefit from specialized support.
Jennifer Kohl
Learning Resource Coordinator
480.963.1900, Ext. 2073
[email protected]
Sandy Gonzales
ARC Literature and Strategies Teacher
480.963.1900, Ext. 2074 
Sandra Murillo
ARC Math Teacher
480.963.1900, Ext. 2054
Kathleen Evans
ARC Administrative Assistant
480.963.1900, Ext. 2021