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Redirect Your Tax Dollars

This is a cost free way to support Seton Catholic and its students in a real and impactful way.
Through directed state taxes credits, student tuition organizations provide tuition scholarships to families who need assistance paying tuition at private schools including Seton Catholic Preparatory, while donors get a dollar for dollar credit on their taxes.
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Q. What is an STO
A. STO stands for Student Tuition Organization which is a company that you can donate to and will provide scholarships to private schools.
Q. Why can't I give directly to Seton?
A. You can and we encourage it and are grateful!  This is another opportunity to give that is no cost to you which increases your gifts, your impact on our students and our school.
Q. What if I want to give to a specific student?
A. There are certain STOs that allow you to recommend your funds to go towards a certain student (they are still required to apply for the scholarship/funds) however, funds are not guaranteed.
Q. Does my money really go to Seton Catholic and its students?
A. When we are given funds from an STO they go directly. towards tuition assistance and helping pay for student tuition.
Q. Is it really cost free?
A. It is!  There are certain limits and restrictions to follow that each STO and an informed tax preparer an answer questions about
Q. How do I get my money back?
A. After giving, claim the given amount on your tax return.  This will increase your refund!
Q. Will I find out for sure who my money goes to?
A. No, it is not disclosed what student receives your gift.
Q. Will someone be notified if I redirect my tax dollars to them?
A. Families can be notified if someone recommends funds for them but the name of the donor is not disclosed.
Q. Is there a limit?
A. Every year a limit is set for the tax credit.  There is a limit for individuals and married couples.  This is the max amount, set by the government, you will be refunded.  In addition, it is important that you do not give more than your own tax liability.  This means, if you are required to pay $1000 in state taxes (taken out of your paycheck or paid in a lump sum) you cannot redirect more than $1000.
You can give above and beyond the limit, but you will only be credited up to you the state limit or your tax liability.
Q. What are the restrictions?
A. You must have an Arizona state tax liability to give. 
Q. How much does Seton rely on these scholarships?
A. 40% of our students require some tuition assistance, many come in the form of community members redirecting their tax dollars.  The more Seton receives, the more we can give which allows us to extend to families that otherwise would not be able to attend Seton.
Q. Is there a deadline?
A. You can give anytime to an STO but you must give by December 31 to claim on the federal taxes per each tax year.  You can give up until April 15 in the current year to claim on your last years Arizona state taxes.
If you are looking for information on applying to an STO, find more information here.