Calendar Updates 9-23-2020

Greetings Seton Catholic Parents and Students,

I want to announce some updates to our 2020-2021 school year calendar. We are adding four days to the calendar to make up the days lost because of the delay to the start of the school year. Two days originally scheduled as days off in the first semester will become asynchronous online days and two days next semester will switch from being days off to regular school days. The expectations for the asynchronous days are included in this email. These changes to our calendar will not affect our Christmas, Spring, or Easter breaks, and our last day of school will remain Thursday, May 27, 2021. 

We are working on a Calendar at a Glance that we hope to publish on our website in the next week or so. It will not include every event because events are subject to change, but it will provide additional details for this school year. 

There are several disruptions to our October schedule so we have made some changes to best serve our students during this time. The changes that affect October and the first week of November are included in this email.

I have asked for your patience and for your flexibility and I appreciate your understanding and cooperation. There may be reasons outside of our control that may cause additional changes to the calendar. I will communicate changes with you as they occur and we will maintain changes on our website and master calendar. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Victor Serna


Please note the following changes to the 2020-2021 calendar:

10/12/2020 Asynchronous Online Day

11/30/2020 Asynchronous Online Day

2/12/2021 Regular School Day

4/26/2021 Regular School Day

We have made the following changes to October and the first week of November:

10/5/20 Periods 1-4 Red

10/6/20 Periods 5-7 Red

10/7/20 Periods 1-4 Gold

10/8/20 Periods 5-7 Gold

10/9/20 Educator Day - No Classes

10/12/20 Online Asynchronous Day for Periods 1-7

10/13/20 Periods 1-4 Red

10/14/20 Periods 5-7 Red (PSAT moved to 10/29)

10/15/20 Periods 1-4 Gold

10/16/20 Periods 5-7 Gold 

10/26/20 Periods 1-4 Red

10/27/20 Periods 5-7 Red

10/28/20 Periods 1-4 Gold

10/29/20 PSAT 10th and 11th only on campus  (9th and 12th Off)

10/30/20 Periods 5-7 Gold

11/2/20 PSAT 9th only on campus (10th, 11th and 12th Off)

11/3/20 Periods 1-4 Red

11/4/20 Periods 5-7 Red

11/5/20 Periods 1-4 Gold

11/6/20 Periods 5-7 Gold

2020-2021 Key Dates

12/21/20 - 1/4/21 Christmas Break

3/8/21-3/12/21 Spring Break

4/2/21-4/5/21 Easter Break

5/27/21 Last Day of School

Expectations for Asynchronous Days

  1. Classes will be asynchronous and students can access the material any time between Friday, October 9th and Monday, October 12th. The teacher can decide when to make the material available to students, but this information needs to be communicated to students ahead of time.
  2. Teachers will include a 5-10 minute video introduction or mini lesson.
  3. Teachers will assign a follow-up activity for students that should complete in approximately 20-30 minutes. This activity cannot count towards a quiz or test grade and it should be worth no more than 10 points.
  4. Students who complete the assignment by 4pm on the asynchronous Monday (October 12th and November 30th) schedule will be marked present. Students who do not complete the assignment in time will be marked absent and lose the points associated with the lesson.
  5. Attendance will be submitted through PowerSchool by 9am on Tuesday by the teacher.
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