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Virtual Shadow Day


We have redesigned our Shadow Day program. Although, we would love to have you come visit the campus, we currently are not accepting any visitors on campus. We value the wellbeing of our students and faculty and for that we are being extremely cautious. This allows us to have minimum disruptions in their learning process. We thank you for understanding.


This program is not mandatory for the application process. There are other ways to discover Seton.


We are no longer schedule virtual shadow days for this school year. You may continue exploring this webpage to get an idea of the day in the life of a Seton student. If you have any questions you can email

SAS schedule

Now, that you have registered you should receive the name of the ambassador you are paired with and their class schedule. Follow your ambassador's schedule to explore what a typical day for him/her is like.

As you explore this webpage, please take note of any questions you might have. You’ll be able to ask them during your Google Meet meeting with your ambassador.


Enjoy this virtual experience!





Students are provided the opportunity to attend daily Mass in the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Chapel. Once each month, students gather, either as an entire school, or within their House, to celebrate the liturgy together. Parents are welcome to attend all liturgical celebrations. 

On game days it is customary to have the team and their coach attend mass that morning. Daily masses are optional for our students and staff.


Academic excellence is a trademark of Seton Catholic Preparatory.  Because we are committed to providing the necessary preparation for higher educational success that our students seek, our graduation requirements are more demanding than those of most schools. It is Seton Catholic Preparatory’s intention that each student has the opportunity to be prepared for college.

The SCP curriculum should be viewed as a four-year experience during which the student must accumulate a minimum of 27 credits to graduate. Based on Arizona Regents requirements, North Central Association requirements, and the mission and philosophy of the school, Seton Catholic Prep has established the requirements listed below.


Take a look at your ambassador's schedule. You will see the course he/she is taking and the teacher's name. Below is a list of all the departments. Click on one and you will see a course description, a short student video and a list of all teachers that teach in that department. Click on the name of the teacher in your schedule to meet the teacher and learn a little bit about the course. (Please be patient as some of the teacher videos take a while to load)


The Business Department offers a program of courses that develop individual interests while facilitating authentic learning experiences by linking the curricula to the real world. Each course teaches students to apply content knowledge in a project-oriented environment.  Incoming freshmen will be required to take the Freshman Computing class for .5 general studies credit.  In addition, a .5 credit of a business/technology elective is required for graduation.
Bus & Tech


The English Department’s goal is to assist students in becoming critical and analytical readers, logical and insightful thinkers, and skilled users of written, visual, and oral communication.  4 credits, 1 each year, are required for graduation.


Interdisciplinary Preparation, History, and Speech must be completed during the freshman year. 

The year-long class is designed to assist students as they transition from eighth grade to a college prep high school curriculum. Students refine time management techniques, realistic goal setting, and study skills. They participate in Socratic discussions, MLA research, speech writing and delivery, and formal resume writing in both theory and practice. Additionally, in preparation for sophomore World History class, students will study ancient history.



The Mathematics Department provides opportunities for the development of problem-solving skills and techniques for theoretical and applied settings.  4 credits in mathematics are required for graduation.





MEET THE TEACHER      (Click on a teacher you’d like to meet)                                              .

The Physical Education Department strives to ensure that students learn how to develop lifetime

wellness by being prepared to make healthy, responsible lifestyle decisions while engaging in activities that establish positive, physical, social, and emotional habits. We encourage positive, healthy decision making. Students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become healthy, lifelong learners through a fitness based curriculum and a comprehensive Health Education Program. .5 credit of physical education and .5 credit of health is required for graduation. Both courses are taken during the 9th grade year.



MEET THE TEACHER      (Click on a teacher you’d like to meet)                                              .

The Science Department is dedicated to a laboratory approach to science education that will involve each student in the process of discovery. This approach enables students to have practice in the kinds of analytical problem solving that will help them throughout life. At the same time, students will build an integrated information base for post-secondary studies and see the cross cutting concepts that run through all science disciplines. 3 credits of lab science are required for graduation.
Pathway to Innovation: Science and Engineering Program

MEET THE TEACHER      (Click on a teacher you’d like to meet)                                              .

The Social Studies Department is committed to helping students develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent 21st century world. 3 credits of social studies are required for graduation. Seniors must take US Government. Students must take .5 Macro-Economics as part of their social studies requirement.


Social Studies


MEET THE TEACHER      (Click on a teacher you’d like to meet)                                              .

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, modeled the best in Catholic Education, combining strong academic achievement with authentic spiritual and moral guidance through the Charisms of Love, Determination, Faith, and Courage. The Theology Department invites students to grow in their personal faith by modeling these charisms in our classrooms and within our Seton community.  The goal of the Theology Department is shaped by our desire to give our students the critical skills they need to appropriate their faith more maturely and responsibly and to live it more fully and truly. St. Anselm defines theology as "faith seeking understanding."Our department is committed to: 

  • to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ within the context of salvation history while providing an opportunity and guidance for students to make a free, personal response. 
  • impart the rich theology of the Catholic Church, showing how relationship with the Holy Trinity is understood and lived. 
  • enable students to be missionary Disciples of Jesus Christ who live the Gospel through acts of charity and justice.

MEET THE TEACHER      (Click on a teacher you’d like to meet)                                              .

The Visual and Performing Arts Department focuses on the necessary skills, concepts, and artistic traditions that allow each student to achieve their potential within each art discipline, and provides a shared common cultural experience. The curriculum encompasses well-established methods, processes, and outcomes, as well as contemporary approaches, subject matter, and themes.  1.5 credits of fine arts are required for graduation.
Fine Arts

MEET THE TEACHER      (Click on a teacher you’d like to meet)                                              .

The world language requirement is fulfilled by earning 2 credits in the same world language at Seton in consecutive years. A placement exam must be taken by all incoming freshmen and transfer students who have prior experience in Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, or Latin. By meeting proficiency standards in the placement exam, the student will be placed in the appropriate second year course.

Students who have developed proficiency in a language through life experience, rather than through formal study, may be placed by examination into the most appropriate language course for their skill level. However, no transcript credit for earlier courses in that language will be awarded.







MEET THE TEACHER      (Click on a teacher you’d like to meet)                                              .

We offer a wide variety of electives, especially in the area of Fine Arts. 

Students have the opportunity to select up to three credits of general electives throughout their four years. That is a total of three semesters. You are allowed to take more electives if you take summer school for a core class.



The purpose of 8th hour is primarily academic, to give the students the opportunity to meet with teachers. Teachers are available until 3:30p.m. for extra help, tutoring, making up work, etc. Students are encouraged to use this time period to see teachers as the need arises. Teachers or parents may require student participation in make-up work or tutoring sessions until 3:30p.m


Student activities play a key role in the daily lives of the students. It gives an opportunity for every student to participate more fully in the life of the school.


Through club membership students are given the opportunity to explore areas of interest, acquire event planning skills, promote ideas, serve others, and develop leadership skills and friendships with students of varying grade levels who share the same interests.


We offer a wide variety of clubs for students to join. Each student is highly encouraged to join at least one club.


The athletic philosophy of the Seton Catholic Preparatory Athletic Department promotes individual dignity, personal development and social interaction. Here, we are dedicated to providing a leading athletic program for all student-athletes in a Christian atmosphere.


We believe athletic success is not measured solely by the number of wins and losses, or the number of trophies or championships won in a given season. Success is measured by the degree to which our student-athletes live up to the principles of the Seton Catholic Prep mission: academic excellence, leadership and loving service to others. The education of each student-athlete is our first priority. We adhere to the “Pursuing Victory with Honor” principles as outlined by the Arizona Interscholastic Association. 

67% of our students are in at least one sport.


Fall: Boys Golf, Cross Country, Football, Girls Golf, Girls Volleyball, SpiritLine, Swim & Dive

Winter: Boys Basketball, Boys Soccer, Girls Basketball, Girls Soccer, Wrestling

Spring: Baseball, Beach Volleyball, Boys Volleyball, Girls & Boys Tennis, Softball, Track & Field



At Seton Catholic Preparatory, our investment in a wide-ranging fine arts curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities underscores our commitment to providing a preeminent, well-rounded secondary education in the East Valley. Research supporting the significance of the arts in education continues to stack up; increased test scores and self-discipline are just two areas shown to be positively influenced by education in the arts.

Seton’s Department of Fine Arts provides classes in drama, choir, band, orchestra, dance, visual arts, computer graphics, film production and photography.

Seton's state-of-the-art Fine Arts and Academic Classrooms Building opened in the fall 2011 as the second building (following the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Chapel) in the school’s “Building for Excellence” Capital Campaign. The Fine Arts building houses a 400-seat theatre, 14 multi-purpose classrooms, a music computer lab, a painting and drawing room, a ceramics room equipped with pottery wheels, a film production studio and a fully-equipped dance studio.


In support of the Seton Catholic Prep mission and philosophy, each community member belongs to a House. The mission of the House system is “To provide a student led community fostering faith and solidarity”. Each House promotes community, academic excellence, loving service to others, athletics, arts, and spirited competition. The success of each House is measured by the success of those they serve.

The core of the House system is community and belonging. Houses, led by junior and senior House leaders, are identified by patron saints. Each House provides a welcoming atmosphere for students and staff to interact across grade levels throughout their time at Seton. All House members have an important role within their House, and are provided opportunities to develop their gifts while engaging in leadership, mentoring, and service. Once placed, students remain in the same House.




The 15 houses that comprise the house system are as follows:

  • St. Anne
  • St. Augustine
  • St. Cecilia
  • St. Joan of Arc
  • St. John the Baptist
  • St. Juan Diego
  • St. Katherine of Drexel
  • St. Mary Magdalene
  • St. Michael the Arch Angel
  • St. Patrick
  • St. Peter
  • St. Rose of Lima
  • St. Sebastian
  • St. Teresa of Calcutta
  • St. Thomas Aquinas



Thank you for joining us. Watch this Farewell video from Audrey


Next, you will meet your ambassador and one of their ambassador friends during the scheduled Google Meets meeting. Check your email for a calendar invite.

Make sure to have your questions ready to ask him or her.

If you have any questions please contact the Admissions office at


That's the end of this Virtual Shadow day experience. Thank you for joining us. We pray that soon we will be able to host you on campus.

For your convenience, click here to see the application steps.


Here are a few things that make Seton unique: 

  • 12:1 Student to Teacher Ratio
  • 107:1 Counselor Ratio
  • 99% attend College/University
  • Award winning academics - Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.
  • One of a kind Engineering program - 4 years of Engineering
  • The only Catholic High School in Phoenix with an Academic Decathlon - Won State in 2018.
  • Dual enrollment with Seton Hill University - Get college credit for 13 classes.
  • Honor and AP Courses
  • Academic resources through our ARC program.
  • 22 Sports Teams
  • Championship winning teams - Girls Basketball on their 11th State championship
  • Voted best Baseball field three years in a row in Arizona (2018, 2019 & 2020) and 2nd place in the nation in 2020.