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Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) at Seton Catholic Preparatory is designed to identify and address students’ problems that manifest themselves in school, interfere with learning and/or are harmful to self or others.

This comprehensive program is designed to impact the entire school community: classroom and co-curricular activities, as well as students, staff and parents.

The SAP is a structured, organized program designed to identify and address students who might be troubled by physical, chemical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, familial and/or educational problems. The goals of the SAP are:

  • To identify students in need
  • To intervene on their behalf at the earliest stages of dysfunctional behavior
  • To work cooperatively with parents and outside agencies to help facilitate appropriate resolutions.

The SAP is available to all students. Students are encouraged to seek assistance in determining if unsatisfactory performances within the school community are a result of personal, familial or social problems. Teachers, staff members, parents and students are encouraged to access the SAP if they are concerned about a student, friend or family member.

The program relies on the school community, families, friends and professional healthcare providers to assist students in overcoming common issues regularly associated with adolescent development. Our program incorporates prevention, identification, screening, intervention, assessment, treatment, and follow-up support for students and families within the Seton community.

The goal of SAP is to provide appropriate support services to students whose personal, social and familial problems are negatively impacting their school experience. It is our aim that the program will result in the following:

  • Improved learning
  • Appropriate responses to personal, social and familial pressures and challenges
  • An enhanced sense of community
  • A renewed commitment to the mission and vision of Seton Catholic Preparatory
  • Improved partnership with parents and community.


An Assistance Referral Form is located here and forms are available at various locations on campus. Completed Assistance Referral Forms should be placed in one of the locked referral boxes, or may be mailed to Seton c/o SAP. If you would like to speak personally with someone about the program, please contact Julie Grindey, Dean of Students, at 480.963.1900 Ext. 2040.


For more information: Student Assistance Program Brochure