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Spectator Information

Dear Seton community,
Thank you for bearing with us during these unprecedented times. Things are changing by the minute and we as an Athletic Department and School Administration have been working diligently to ensure that our student-athletes have a successful sports season, all the while ensuring the safety of these student-athletes, our coaching staffs and our Seton families.
In regards to our home events, Seton administration and the Athletic Department, with guidance from the Diocese of Phoenix, the AIA and local health officials, have come up with a comprehensive plan to allow for some fans to be present at our home events. Below are the documents for each sports. We are asking our Seton community to review these documents and to comply with the directives below so we at Seton can provide as good of an experience as possible during these unprecedented times for our student athletes.
Thank you and God Bless,
The Seton Catholic Preparatory Athletic Department

Athletics Office Contacts

Gregg Buchanan
Athletic Director
480.963.1900, Ext. 2020


Terry Licht
Assistant Athletic Director
480.963.1900, Ext. 2123 


Kathleen Evans
Admin Assistant - Athletics 


Jennifer Hutchison
Admin Assistant - Athletics
480.963.1900, Ext. 2021