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Device Registration

Seton Catholic Preparatory School is an environment dedicated to the development and responsible use of technology. As a part of that continuing dedication, incoming students are required to have a laptop computer before the start of the new school year.  In previous years we have gone for an agnostic approach for the devices allowed on campus, however, starting 2020 devices will be limited to Chromebooks. Seton Catholic IT has researched a number of options that are approved to work at Seton Catholic. See table on BYOD page.

Along with this change, Seton IT will also require you to register your device with our Google Suite system so that all activities (while on campus) can be monitored effectively. Upon graduation, the device will be then unregistered and can be used in its normal fashion.

NOTE with Chromebooks: Any personal accounts attached to the device will be removed during the process of registering the school account. However, the personal account can be re-added after the school account is created on the device.